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‘FlexiOffice’ by Mikro Grafeio is a platform for utilisation of distributed workspaces, providing access to flexible, secure, and cost-effective workspaces across multiple locations. FlexiOffice also enables businesses to include their own space in the mix to offer a network of work locations to its employees across India. With its smart, connected workspaces and comprehensive services, FlexiOffice simplifies the work experience, monitors utilisation and enhances productivity.

‘FlexiOffice’ is the perfect solution for those who have the need for offices in multiple locations

How does FlexiOffice add value to businesses?

Flexible Space Allocation

Adjust workspace allocation based on fluctuating workforce needs, ensuring optimal space utilization.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster teamwork and creativity through collaborative, tech-enabled workspaces, promoting efficient idea exchange.

Streamlined Administration

Simplify administrative tasks with a single contract covering multiple locations, reducing paperwork and bureaucracy.

Focus on Core Activities

Enable businesses to focus on core activities by outsourcing workspace management and related services to Mikro Grafeio.

Environmental Sustainability

Contribute to environmental conservation by reducing the carbon footprint associated with daily commutes.

Cost Efficient Operations

Optimize cost management and enhance financial efficiency by reducing overheads, eliminating the need for significant investments in office infrastructure, and adopting FlexiOffice's "Pay as You Use" model, allowing businesses to pay only for utilized workspace and services.

Scalability & Rapid Growth

Easily scale operations without the hassle of establishing new office spaces, facilitating rapid business expansion.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee morale and well-being by offering convenient, accessible workspaces closer to their homes.

Data Security & Compliance

Ensure data security and compliance by utilizing Mikro Grafeio's secure, managed workspaces with robust security protocols.

Agile Decision Making

Facilitate agile decision-making and adaptability to market changes by having flexible, adaptable workspace solutions in place.

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