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Silent Bonds, Shared Spaces: A Snapshot of hybrid work life in Coimbatore

Couldn't resist sharing this candid click my wife took of my daughter Apurva and me.

From the time she was knee-deep in books, acing her studies, to now, when she's conquering the corporate world, it feels a bit surreal.

While she used to be busy with her studies, i’d be engaged with work. But life has a funny way of coming full circle, doesn't it? This time, it feels like she has caught up with me, and now we are part of the same race.

Different worlds, different work cultures, yet here we are, side by side, both with our game faces on, pushing for our organizations to thrive. And to think, we're doing it under the same roof without being distracted, wow!

Life has intertwined our journeys, and in this little corner of our home, the sounds of her flipping pages have been replaced by the soft clicks of our keyboards. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.

The transition in our workspaces—from bustling London for her and dynamic Dubai for me to the serene charm of Coimbatore—has been seamless. Thanks to the strengthening of infrastructure, tech-support and the abundance of creative and innovative ideation supported by the availability of resources in this Tier 2 city in India, we've found ourselves adapting to our new professional chapters. Here's to the beautiful tapestry that Coimbatore has woven into our work-life balance.

Here's to the evolution of our workspaces, to her accomplishments in the corporate realm, and to the silent camaraderie that comes from sharing a workspace. Cheers to the sweet surprises life throws our way.

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