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Empowering women with women-only spaces, here's how!

Entrepreneurship has taken the country by storm. From groceries to medicines and from pastries to credit card payments, Indian startups have now entered almost every sphere of life. And with such a fast-moving entrepreneurial world, how can women stay behind? Women entrepreneurs in India, which currently stand at 14% of the total number of entrepreneurs in the country, are increasing exponentially. However, the challenges faced by these women entrepreneurs are way more than what their male counterparts have to face.

One such challenge faced by them is that of a good workplace. Although Coworking spaces have transformed the whole scenario, many of these still neglect the needs of the women workforce. But unlike others, BRH is empowering women with women-only spaces. Let’s find out how?

1. Hesitation quits as comfort takes charge!

Women often feel hesitant rather than encouraged even at co-working spaces with the other gender dominating the whole space. This is because the existing work culture tends to favor men leading to fewer opportunities and resources for women. Moreover, the current work culture existing in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and elsewhere in the country is often adversarial and unaccommodating towards women, especially female entrepreneurs and freelancers. But unlike others, BRH ensures a level playing field for women through its conducive environment. With BRH, women can now freely explore uncharted territories while being undeterred by gender stereotypes.

2. Welcome back to work at any phase of life.

Most women find it tough to get back to work after getting married or having children. Coworking spaces often fail to recognize that there can be women who would want to work at different phases of their lives. They fail to recognize that many women get into work mode while juggling between motherhood and their home life. Regardless of whether a woman handles the role of an entrepreneur, works as a freelancer, or is a

remote employee, finding a work-life balance is easier said than done. But BRH makes sure that the women workforce manages both worlds not just effectively but also effortlessly. At BRH, women are likely to come across other women hailing from similar backgrounds. This generates confidence among them and helps them build relationships based on trust and empathy.

3. Great Networking awaits you.

Growth opportunities are not always the same for men and women. Here, networking plays a vital role in eliminating this disparity. BRH provides women entrepreneurs with networking opportunities where they get to meet professionals from different backgrounds and different walks of life. A network made of like-minded people helps women with not just their current businesses but also with their future planning.

4. An ambiance that makes you feel at home.

BRH spaces are designed and furnished to inspire and encourage. Unlike typical coworking and corporate environments, BRH spaces are not brimming with desks and other boring furnishings. We have spaces that are bright and airy with warm colors and comfortable seating. We believe such spaces give women a place to unite, create, and be productive, away from home while being at home.

5. Find the right mentor

An entrepreneur climbs the ladder of success by learning from other people’s experiences. In this scenario, budding entrepreneurs need to find a mentor to inspire them and pull their professional potential out.

Mentoring also gets extremely essential when the business or the start-up is in the budding phase. It is believed that small companies with a well-established mentor relationship are twice as probable to survive and develop as companies that do not profit from a mentor’s participation. Many women also cite the absence of mentorship as a reason for their business failing or not growing steadily. But BRH offers opportunities to overcome this issue and find the right mentor. We provide them with a chance to reach out to experienced entrepreneurs who are aware of the struggles and challenges women face in the business world.

6. Safe space, happy place!

More than 3 lakh cases of crime against women at workplaces are reported every year. Due to this reason, women mustn’t feel at home while working outside the home. Many studies have even found out that women often feel socially isolated in male-centric work environments. But with BRH’s women-only spaces, problems like these are taken care of very well. Such spaces not just instill the feeling of safety and security but also help them focus on their goals. At BRH we believe that creativity and productivity sprout from a stress-free mind. Therefore we provide them with an environment where they can feel more at ease and comfortable collaborating.

In a nutshell, if we want women entrepreneurs to grow and prosper, we need to give them the right space and atmosphere to breed in. In the start-up ecosystem, it is essential for the playing field for men and women to be even. We also need to understand the hardships and struggles the women workforce faces while juggling between their work life and home life. Moreover, the safety concerns are something that holds women back in the corporate or coworking structures. Keeping all these things in mind, BRH makes an extra effort to provide them with spaces that make them feel inspired and motivated in their professional fields effectively.

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