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Ten reasons why 'Work is where your employees are!'

When covid took the world by storm, corporates feared how the operations would work out. People had to be there to get the work done. But amidst a pandemic, it was impossible to bring people to work. Experiences like maskless co-workers, brainstorming sessions on communal couches, buffet lines in corporate cafeterias, shared cubicles, long coffee breaks, and uninterrupted meetings in the conference rooms seemed like things of the past. Many could see a big corporate collapse on its way.

But with technology as the most powerful weapon of today’s time, the solution to avoid this collapse was soon identified. If workers can’t come to work, take the work to the workers. Surprisingly what was seen as a mere alternative turned out to be a better way of operations. Let’s see ten reasons why work is where your employees are!


People not restricting themselves to one place and working from where they feel like helps boost their productivity by many folds. Employees in the alternative workplace or place of their choice tend to devote less time and energy to typical office routines and more to customers. It gives them a breather and breaks the monotony that a regular office space creates. Working in a new environment with new people makes things more exciting and less stressful.


Many big companies are now shifting from typical office spaces to remote work situations. Employees benefit hugely from flexibility and convenience due to this change. It does not just reduce the extra hours that the work demands while attending office from home, but it also provides them with an option of choosing the most convenient location. Truly flexible employers also allow their workers to work in the coworking space of their choice. So if the employees have errands to run in the city or appointments in the region, they’ll love having a shorter commute or being closer to their appointments.


Moving the work to the worker not just benefits the employees but the companies as well. And when we talk about companies, we talk about all of them and not just the small ones or the new start-ups. Letting the employees work from a location of their choice can save money irrespective of your company’s size. With alternative spaces like Coworking coming into the picture, companies can reduce the costs of office rent, furnishings, pieces of equipment, etc, and can notice savings.


While working in a static office space, the networking opportunity for employees comes to a halt. They are unable to connect and catch up with new people at a regular office setup. But while working from a location of their choice or a Coworking space, employees get fair chances of meeting and connecting with new people from various walks of life. This also becomes crucial because networking in today’s time is an essential pillar for growth for both - companies and employees.


Businesses can cut overhead costs required to acquire and maintain an office by letting their people work from a place of their choice. This way companies can look out for more business opportunities and invest in things that can add to their returns. Higher returns from better investments lead to more income for employees. So why not put the saved money into opportunities that benefit all?


While working remotely, employees tend to be happier and loyal because it not just reduces their stress but also provides more time to pursue hobbies and interests. Their mental health improves and personal relationships blossom. Furthermore, an employee can have a more positive relationship with his/her manager without the distractions and the politics that comes along with an in-office job. Working remotely can also give the employees the time and environment needed to make healthy choices.


By incorporating remote work culture, companies can make their workforce more diverse and inclusive than ever before. With such an arrangement they can hire people from different socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds which was a task for many companies since people could not relocate. It also allows people with disabilities or people coming from very distant cities an opportunity to follow their career dreams without worrying about working out of the office.


One of the biggest advantages of a remote working arrangement is that it reduces the stress of a commute. Employees traveling from far locations often waste a lot of time commuting. But when a company allows its employees to work from a location that they prefer, they save a lot of their employees’ time. It also helps employees go easy on their mental and physical health while allowing them more time for high-priority stuff.


The third party that benefits the most from a remote work setup after employees and the company is the environment. When people do not have to travel to the office and get the liberty to work remotely, they reduce their travel. This in turn reduces the overall carbon footprint of a company leading to a positive impact on climate change. Better air quality and less pollution that we witnessed during the pandemic was the best example of how it impacts the environment positively.


In cases where employees are unwell or not in a condition to go to the office, a remote setup comes handy. They do not have to travel while feeling unwell and still can attend the office. This way employees can keep working even if they feel a little under the weather. Moreover, if an employee knows that he can get free earlier and does not have to sit for the mandatory hours at the office, he/she will avoid taking unnecessary time off and complete the tasks quicker than before.

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